Bursting the Trans-Tasman 'Bubble'

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2021_04_18 STR Bursting the Bubble Party - Wellington Airport - Dome Structure Plan 70484-

Central Dome Feature; Steve Sanders from Grouse Lighting

The final idea:

After making our first site visit previous to the event date, it was obviously apparent the roof at the airport would need a rigging system and scissor lift  in order to achieve a roof installation. We suggested helium balloons with small bubbles attached to the strings which would be a more effective "ceiling" installation given the height of the ceiling at the VIP event.. 


The original concept in our formal proposal was 3x 2.3x2.3m framed balloon arches to highlight the arrival and departure gates as well as the entrance gate to the VIP event. We aligned our proposal with the original brief’s requests of gold, green, black and white (to represent Australia and New Zealand’s country colors). However the idea of this was too multicoloured so we reverted back to the essence of the brief which was ‘bursting the bubble’ so we finalised the concept with transparent balloons resembling the effect of soap bubbles and focused our attention to the VIP event. 

In conclusion: 

  • 30x 3' Jumbo balloons arranged at various heights of 2m, 3m and 5m. To create an extra 'bubble' touch, small 5" transparent balloons were attached to the string. 

  • x20 16" medium sized balloons were also arranged in collaboration with the jumbo balloons to create variation. These also varied in heights of 2m, 3m and 5m. 

  • In addition to the main feature of 'bursting the bubble' where Jacinda Adern would be doing her public press release, we styled each bird cage bar leaner (20x total) with the standard balloon size of 12" accompanied with eucalyptus botanical arrangements made by Sarah from Horrobin and Hodge. The Bird cage leaners were distributed around the VIP space underneath the Central Dome installed and designed by Steve Sander from Grouce Lighting. 

Made Lovely Hire approached Bloom Shine Events to help develop a unique experience at the Wellington Airport on 19th April 2021 for the first international flight arrival from Australia. An extremely special occasion for all those returning home and departing New Zealand since the first outbreak of Covid-19. 



This widely broadcasted VIP event’s aim was to produce a large scale roof height  'burst the bubble' installation at the Wellington Airport.


Brief requests from the client: 

  • large format balloon archway for an entrance.

  • 20 leaners for the VIP event space with centre pieces

  • Colour theming would be black and white (NZ) and gold and green (AUS).   

  • Playing on the bubble concept (hence balloons) and anything large and round. 

  • We'd look at having some sort of ceiling installation. 

  • large scale balloon garlands - “Basically, think really big” 

  • Giant bubbles & balloon drop



  • Invited guests will be arriving from 4:30PM, as the Prime Minister will be attending and is due to arrive at 5:00pm.

  • 4 Speeches expected from VIP stage, timings TBC

  • Guest numbers 150-200

  • Standing Drinks and Canapés, Networking & Mingling.

  • 3 main events during the day:  Arrival at 4:30am, First departure at 5pm and a VIP event starting for around 150 dignitaries in the Domestic departure lounge with a lot of space for us to work with and theme!  

  •  At 2:30pm the first flight from Australia will arrive downstairs in the arrivals area so there will need to be a big 'Welcome home!' in a well decorated this space.

  • Ideally the Airport would use the displays for the whole week following.