If you're wanting to promote your brand in an eye catching way or just celebrating in style then decals offer you next level custom personalisation. We offer range of decal options from Welcome signs, helium balloons, balloon garlands to just the decal on its own!


If you don't have a current logo or image you'd like printed, Bloom Shine Events offers personalised designs to help get the perfect customised decal. 

Welcome Sign with custom Decals

The perfect way to invite guests into your events and to ensure they dont get lost along the way!

Helium Balloons with custom Decals

Helium balloons with customised decals are a stylish way to promote and showcase your brand. 

Balloon Garland with custom Decals

Make our customised organic balloon garlands even more unique with the touch of a customised decal. 

Just the Decal Please! 

Just want the decal? Let us know what custom decal you'd like.  

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