Product launch: DIY Balloon Kits

Updated: 16 hours ago

We curate the moods of our balloon boxes so you can simply party in style! Learn how to become a balloon garland artist through a step by step video tutorial. Bloom Shine Events has provided their industry knowledge, experience and professional tips on how to fabricate a balloon garland using our DIY Balloon Kits. Simply scan the QR code and begin your creative journey.

For every DIY Balloon kit you buy, $1 of the sales will go towards raising awareness and supporting women in New Zealander with breast cancer.

You will learn our five step balloon fabrication process:

  • Inflate balloons

  • Create deuces in their colour combinations Eg. pinks together and blues together.

  • Tye clusters together to secure a strong balloon garland

  • Add Accents

  • Install balloon garland

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