Prices above are for 6 hrs and doesn't include the delivery fee.

Selfie Spot

  • Have an event where you want to capture selfies with your friends, families & guests? Bloom Shine Events offers unlimited digital selfies which can be sent instantly though email or be shared through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. WIFI connection is required to receive instant images, however if this is not available all images will be stored safely and sent to your device instantly once connected to the internet.

    All images from your event will be instantly stored on an online gallery which can be accessed by a private or public link; the images taken can also be directly sent to your email address. Digital Images can be downloaded or shared on Social media; we also offer the option of a USB stick sent to you after the event with all the images taken for an additonal cost.

    Custom Branding is available for an additional cost of $35. If you or your company already have a custom logo, this can be used if you supply a JPEG file available for upload. We also offer a limited amount of fun themes for your photos so please don’t hesitate to let us know the theme of your event! If you dont want Custom Branding, the Selfie Spot will be branded with Bloom Shine Events logo.

    If you are wanting to hire the Bloom Shine Selfie Spot for longer than 6 hrs please get in touch.