See it, Be it Breakfast


Cricket Wellington approached Bloom Shine Events to style their 'See it, Be it Breakfast'. Wellington, NZ had the privilege of hosting some of the ICC women's cricket world cup games and Cricket Wellington used this opportunity to celebrate women and leadership in Wellington by hosting a breakfast event with key note speakers for invited guests. 



Brigten the event space and create a 'casual' atmosphere for like minded women to connect and share similar interests/beliefs.


Brief requests from the client: 

  • Using the ICC Women Cricket World Cup 2022 colour pallet as a reference, however softening the colours to create more feminine energy. 

  • Adding a 'pop of colour' to the event with bold entrance sign with a large balloon garland.

  • Setting a 'vibe' for the event. 

  • Dried flower installations with matching bunches on the bird cage bar leaners. 

  • Custom branded helium balloons.

  • Create a gathering point around the 'Tukutuku' panel & CWC Team Coin. 

  • Take away items - custom cookies. 

  • A custom photo wall with "See it, Be it Breakfast" decal. Guests can take photos with their friends, Young Leaders and sporting celebrities. These can be shared on social media and networking sites such as Linkedin and we should encourage the use of hashtag and tagging @cricketwellington.



  • Creating a feminine energy meanwhile not creating '21st' vibes with the pastel balloon colour combinations. 

  • Budget to keep within, eg. narrowing down needs vs wants to reduce the overall cost. 

  • Not disrespecting the 'Tukutuku' Panel with additional elements such as dried flower arrangements around it. 

  • Considering the spaces which photo opportunities are going to take place and removing or adjusting items in the background which will reduce the overall quality. 

  • Event starts at 7am Monday morning - therefore pack in will need to begin and finish the Sunday day/evening prior to the event. 

Design Proposal_Wellington NZ_4.03.22_Cover .png
Design Proposal_Wellington NZ_4.03.22_Bloom Shines Inspiration.png
Design Proposal_Wellington NZ_4.03.22_Clients Inspiration.png
Design Proposal_Wellington NZ_4.03.22_Bloom Shines Proposal.png
Design Proposal_Wellington NZ_4.03.22_Bloom Shines Inspiration copy.png
Design Proposal_Wellington NZ_4.03.22-06.png

Design Proposal Adjustments

After sending our initial design proposal through, we came to the conclusion that the pink balloons were over powering the balloon display. It was agreed to concentrate on the mutual tones of yellow, green and gold. We decided to remove the light pink balloons all together and use the dried flower arrangements as a pop of pink to portray the formal colours of the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup games 2022. 

Bloom Shines Proposal_2x-8.png